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Avoiding a disastrous dilemma

What Are The Homeowner's Responsibilities?

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A renovation to your home is something that many people save up for and do as a "treat" for themselves.  It can be exciting and very rewarding. With the right planning, it doesn't have to be stressful. If you have not undertaken a major renovation in awhile, you may be surprised to learn that the rules have changed.  Here is what you should know:

As always, it is a good idea to check if a building permit is required for your project. Each municipality has their own building department and the requirements change from time to time, so be sure to check the codes for your own town (Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Town of Georgina, King, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Witchurch-Stouffville).  In many cases if the plumbing or main supporting walls of the home are not being altered, a permit is not required, but if one is necessary, Glidden Plumbing and Renovations Inc. can apply for one on your behalf in most cases and make it a painless process. If you go ahead without one, all it takes is one call from a nosy neighbour (you know the one!) and the work stops immediately - worst case you could have to rip down everything that's been done. The permit fees are minimal, but the peace of mind and documentation for any future sale of your home may be invaluable.

It  is  the  homeowner's  responsibility   to ensure  that anyone they

hire  carries  the  proper  insurance  -  not  only  3rd  party  liability

insurance, but also WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).

Liability  insurance  ensures   that  any  accidental  physical  damage

to  your  dwelling  or  personal  property by the contractor is covered. 

You must also ensure that the individual is insured to do the specific

work he or she has been hired to do.  For example, if  you  knowingly 

hire  an  individual  without a plumbing  license to do your bathroom

and he causes a plumbing leak,there  is a  good chance  that  neither 

his liability insurance,  nor  your  homeowner's  policy  will cover the


The rules for WSIB changed in January of 2013.  If you hire a contractor with employees to work on your home, all of his or her employees must be covered.  If the contractor hires sub-trades, each of them must be insured with WSIB too.  If accidents occur on the job and workers are not properly insured, the responsibility (damages, medical bills and the contractor's unpaid premiums) could fall on the homeowner, costing tens of thousands of dollars, time and litigation.

You can check if a professional has the qualifications that he claims and is in good standing with the Ontario College of Trades.  If your project requires additional licensed professionals, we are happy to introduce you to ones we have worked with in the past.

All of these things are documents that a licensed professional can easily provide.  Despite all these factors, at the end of the day the final decision often comes down to price.  Better qualifications do not always mean higher prices.  Compare your quotes and make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Glidden Plumbing and Renovations Inc. has a list of past customers who can verify that the work they requested was done to code, on budget and on time.  Now that's a renovation you can live with!